About Us

  • Enter the fascinating realm of aqua…

    From the flamboyant coral reefs of Fiji and the serene underwater gardens of the Amazon to the colourful rocky landscapes of the African rift valley lakes.

  • Reef and Stream Aquascapes Pvt. Ltd. is India’s first specialised aquascaping company. Our core competence lies in creation of technically correct and aesthetically pleasing aquaria, in almost any shape, size and type (including the types that we see in large public aquaria with sharks circling above as we walk through a tunnel).

    Thus, apart from quality aquaria for individual clients, we are also working in the public realm, whether for governments or corporates, and we welcome larger projects involving the use of water in any form for entertainment of the general public, or to enhance the ambience of hotels, resorts, corporates or any other space.

  • Sometimes our work extends beyond aquaria, also to large viewing panels. For example, like those installed in infinity swimming pools and other water bodies. We also do the same for extra large aquarium exhibits.