• While Feng Shui recognises the specific role of the Asian Arowana, the legendary Dragon fish that wards off all evils, it also endorses fish and aquaria in general for well being and induction of positive energy into a space. Simultaneously fish and aquatic features are also entrusted with absorbtion of negative vibes and reduce their effect on the owner or occupier of that space.

  • Vaastu specialists also go by the above positive influence of aquaria. Fishes are also associated to Hindu mythology, as one of Lord Vishnu’s ‘avatars’ was a fish in the sea. Lord Vishnu was born on earth in nine ‘avatars’ and his first ‘avatar’ was that of a fish (Matsya Avatar). It is believed that fishes have a high capacity for consuming negative energy (being Lord Vishnu’s avatar) and have a calming effect.

  • Larger aquaria are preferred, because they dilute dirt more easily, and fish death is not regarded as necessarily a bad thing, because it is believed that the fish absorbs the negative energy that would have otherwise affected the human occupants of the space in question.
    We can keep all these considerations in mind, and also provide related consultancy to the client for placement of aquarium in accordance with Vaastu and Feng Shui.