Aqua Design Amano is a corporate behemoth in the aquarium industry with a presence all over the world, and is known to hobbyists for retailing the highest quality freshwater planted aquarium supplies and accessories. Their products, really, are, the cream of what is available for planted aquaria. In fact, ADA is more than just these products. ADA is a concept, and a design philosophy too.
From childhood, Abhik Mazumdar has been enthralled with the work of Takashi Amano, founder of ADA, and having saved up for a long time, he had managed to buy the three volumes of “Nature Aquarium World” with pictures of the master’s nature aquarium art. As he expanded into planted aquaria from his core competence of marine aquarium installations, it was only natural that he would tie up with Adip Sajjan Raj of Still Water Aquatics to take ADA forward. Both Abhik and Adip have welcomed the opportunity to work together, keeping the highest standards of Amano in mind.

Website of the Indian chapter of ADA is WWW.ADAINDIA.COM